New Shipments of Koi and Fancy Goldfish on a Regular basis
Water Plants, Containers, Planting Media, and Fertilizer
Bonsai Trees, Fuku Bonsai
Regal Garden Decor
Beautiful Swarovski Bracelets
Metal Wind spinners

Koi Wind socks and more!
Paint your own koi 

We have a large variety of Koi, Imported and Domestic.
Lion Head, Wakin, Ranchu, Pearl Scale, Oranda and Butterfly Tail Goldfish 
We have a variety of Koi Food and our own brand too.
Mill Creek Koi Food is a high quality, low cost, pellet food. Great for enhanced color, growth and health!
Just in, Pro-Gold food for fancy goldfish and Medi-Gold food for goldfish illness.
We also have a variety of water plants, plant containers and Aquatic media for your water plants.
Fuku Bonsai trees from Hawaii is a perfect gift or a nice addition for your home. 
From Regal we have Bird Houses, Wind Chimes, Humming Bird Feeders and Bird Feeders too.
Handmade Swarovski Crystal Bracelets 
Windsocks and Spinners
And much more!
If we don't have what your looking for ask and we will get it for you. We have very competitive pricing.

Call for details