We Have  Aqua Meds Professional Pond Products

When you see lily on the product it means it is 100% natural

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Sludge Remover:

Provides natural & Rapid sludge removal, improves water quality, increases oxygen levels, and reduces maintenance.

Summer Blend:

Excellent summer conditioner for your filter and pond.

Pond Support:

Keeps your pond clean and fresh all season.

Ulcer Aid Rx Kit:

Treats tough bacterial infections fast!

Aqua MedZyme:

Reduces Aeromonas/Pseudomonas (bad bacteria caused from change of water temperatures) in your pond.

Koi Rx De-Tox Plus:

The big guns in water conditioners. It detoxifies and conditions your water. It also promotes healthy slime coat on your fish.


Brings your pond water to an ideal ph level, which will support and help grow life saving bacteria in your pond.  


The safest, most effective medication on the market for treating flukes.  Does not stress your fish or set back your filter.


One of the most effective Malachite Green & Formalin products on the market.  Treats tough salt resistant parasites.


Helps restore protective slime coat protection. It promotes the healing of damaged scales, skin, fins and reduces stress.

DeChlor & More:

Removes Ammonia, Chlorine and Chloramines. Helps stabilize pH and improves the efficiency of the filter.  It adds Essential Electrolytes and keeps Ammonia levels down.